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About Sollensys

We are part of Sollensys Corp (OTCQB: SOLS), a leader in innovative cybersecurity and a public company with the highest standards of corporate governance, financial reporting, and disclosure.


Sollensys Corp is a math, science, technology, and engineering solutions company offering products that ensure its clients' data integrity through collection, storage, and transmission.


Our innovative flagship product is the Blockchain Archive Server, a turnkey, off-the-shelf, blockchain solution that works with virtually any hardware and software combinations currently used in commerce, without the need to replace or eliminate any part of the client's data security that is being utilized.


The Company recently introduced its second product offering-the Regional Service Center which offers small businesses the same state of the art technology previously available only to large or very well-funded companies.


For more information please visit: https://www.sollensys.com.

Sollensys Corp

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